Program Room & Rentable Spaces Policy

Policy Purpose

The Library’s physical spaces, including program rooms, are community assets that exist to support HPL’s mission and strategic priorities. The purpose of the policy is to promote the Library’s objective of providing equitable access to services and maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment that is consistent with HPL values of respect, inclusiveness and intellectual freedom.


Key Points Summary

The first priority for use of meeting rooms and spaces is to support library programs and services

Rules around the use of program rooms and meeting spaces by library partners exist to ensure equal access between partners and to manage resources

This policy governs both free use and rental of library spaces and rooms

The space rental charges are outlined in the Fines and Fees policy



  • Library Managed – An event or program that is offered by HPL staff or is offered by a partner on behalf of HPL. Library Managed events are promoted by HPL on appropriate channels.
  • Library Partner – A community group or organization whose mission aligns with HPL’s and is listed as active in the “Partnership List”. Generally, HPL partners with not for profit organizations, educational institutions and governmental entities. HPL also partners with for profit organizations in special circumstances. See Partnership Policy for more information on tiers of partnerships.
  • Program Room – A room at the Library that is mainly used for programs and meetings.
  • Meeting Space – A part of a library building that can be used to hold special events (i.e. Central Living Room, 4th Floor Zones)


Policy Details

The Library’s spaces are community assets that are utilized to advance HPL’s mission and strategic priorities. The following is the order of priority for use of the program rooms and meeting spaces:

  1. Library managed programs, events and services
  2. Library Partners/City Councillors meetings or special events
  3. Paid room or space rentals