There is nothing to display at this time
There is nothing to display at this time

Central Gallery: July - September 2022

Saltation by Melissa Neil

Saltation is a body of work drawing on imagery from a dune beach appreciated from both the vantage point of expansive vistas and closer-viewed poetic details. Lushly painted soft sandy paths cut through the vegetation to romantic lakeside views, wind-swept Maram grass and tangles of beach wormwood. In this series, I explore the fleeting nature of this environment while contemplating overarching themes of family, the environment and the passage of time.

The exhibit is currently on display at Central Library on the 1st Floor by the Jackson Square entrance.

The painting Dunes Beach I by Melissa Neil A girl in a red hoodie standing on the beach dunes

Melissa Neil, Dunes Beach I, 2021. Oil on Mylar. 8 x 10 in