Annex Gallery

Stone heads with shapes engraved on their faces on display in the Annex Gallery

REmedial Quests Issue #1 By: Farhana Amin Chowdhury

October - December 2022

In a similar vein to the annual NaNoWrimo challenge (writing 50 000 words in 30 days), I challenged myself to create a comic in the 8 weeks of my time working as the Youth Artist in Residence at RE-create Outreach Art Studio. I made it to the 17th page and finished the rest in the following weeks. I never would have been able to get this far without RE-create giving me the space, time and support to do this. I hope to continue the series in the future and invite others to take on this challenge as well!

REmedial Quests is based on a dream I had when I was a kid where I was a knight saving a princess. I've changed a lot of details of the characters but the world it takes place in is essentially the same. All is peaceful in Vitality Gardens until the Chrysanthemum princess receives a letter from the mysterious Undergrowth Kingdom...

RE-create Outreach Art Studio is a free, drop-in art studio for youth 16-24 who otherwise may not have access to such opportunities.

Our programming is located at the Gasworks, 141 Park St N and our open studio times are:

  • Tuesday 7-9pm
  • Wednesday 1-3pm
  • Thursday 4-6pm